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Welcome to the website of Liam Whiting

Here you will find:

  • CV

  • Personal Statement

  • Details of my projects

  • Contact Details

I am an independent video game developer working at Studio Hex. While their I fulfill a large number of roles such as project management, gameplay design and programming.

I primarily work within the Unreal Engine, and I am proficient in the use of Blueprints.

I also have experience running a small youtube channel, where I would review games and discuss interesting gameplay features and design choices.

Feel free to contact me with any queries or questions regarding my work.

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In my "About Me" section you'll find my CV, personal statement and contact details.

I have worked on a number of released and unreleased projects. Check out my "Projects" section for more information.

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Holden Gatsby is the youtube channel I have used since 2007, where I post reviews and video essays about video games. Check out "Videos" to learn more.

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